Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire

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Nexus 7 Kindle Fire Comparison
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4 Comments to Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire

  1. Jonathan Myer

    Nexus 7 Blows Amazons Kindle Fire With Better Storage Spacing Setup Games HD etc. After All If Kindle Fire And Nexus 7 Put On Boxing Gloves In An Network Match Lol. Nexus 7 Would Win Ultimately For The Reasons Stated Above.

  2. This was a direct shot by Google across the Amazon bow. Amazon will have to not only meet the Nexus 7 specs in their next fire, but surpass them. Otherwise, they’re playing catch-up on old tech. Plus, there’s the very real concern that Apple will go against Saint Steve’s doctrine and make a mini iPad. Right now, the Nexus 7 has set the standard for a 7″ tab, but Apple has a nasty habit of unseating top dogs.

    • Saint Steve’s doctrine was to convince us that we don’t want/need it until they decide to make it. They’ll make one, maybe they’ll call it a an over-sized ipod touch, but they’ll make one. It will just be when they decide to make it and not before. I like my apple products, but the tablet I buy will probably end up being a Nexus.

      • James Pikover

        Biggest problem with the Nexus is capacity. Generally I don’t care so much about it, but 8/16GB is ridiculous without upgradeability, especially for travel. I don’t mind taking my iPad for travel, but smaller tablets are much more convenient and comfortable, especially for media playback. But if I can only put a movie or two plus all my current stuff, what’s the point?

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