What are the odds that you’ll run out of battery power on your smartphone on a regular work day?  Pretty slim, as chances are you’ll always be in reach of an outlet or USB plug.   Set off into the wilderness for a few days and we’re talking a completely different story.  Sure, you could bring along a solar charger, but everyone knows those are only good in a pinch.  Plus you gotta have the sun at your disposal, so if it’s raining or an extremely cloudy day you’re pretty much screwed if you want to nab a quick charge.

Enter the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro.  Not only does this battery pack contain up to 6000 mAh, it is also IP-65 rated.  That means it can survive extreme dust as well as a heavy down pour (and more).  The design of the Juice Pack Powerstation Pro oozes with toughness, which in my book isn’t a prerequisite, but you’ve gotta appreciate it when form meets function.  The battery pack’s back, edges, and sides have been covered in black rubber, while everything is tightly held in place by 6 rivet like screws found on the face of the Powerstation Pro.  They’re not user removable, but we’re sure with some prying you could work your way into the box (why you’d want to we don’t know).  A small rubber coated button initiates charging when you plug a USB device into its USB port, and a set of LED lights, four in total, indicate how much juice is left in the Powerstation Pro.  Mophie includes a mini-USB to USB charging cable to charge it up, though they don’t include a wall wort, so you’ll need to repurpose your iPhone’s or bring your own.

That being said, there are two ports on the Powerstation Pro: a mini-USB and a USB with 2.1 amps for charging larger gadgets, such as the iPad.  The mini-USB port can only be used for charging up the Powerstation Pro, where as the USB is for charging gadgets.  Each of these port are covered by a rubber flap.  It will take a finger nail and a bit of patience to get them open.  After sometime the rubber softened up, which made it easier to gain access.  And while the rubber flaps never worn out, I can’t help but wonder if they’d eventually wear thin over time and use, and fall off.  This, needless to say, would negate the Powerstation Pro’s IP-65 rating.

Unlike some other battery packs, you’ll need to hit the charging button every time you plug in a new gadget.  If you don’t, charging won’t start and there is a good chance you’ll end up with a dead iPhone or Android device.  Trust me, this happened to me a few times, and can be a bit of an annoyance, but on the upside you can choose when you want to commence powering up your gadgets and not worry about unplugging them.  Just keep in mind there is no ‘off switch’, so the Powerstation Pro will continue to send juice to whatever gadget it’s connected to even after your iPhone has reached 100%.

As mentioned, pressing the power button also allows you to review how much charge is left in the device.  There are a total of 4 indicator lights, so in theory each light represents 1500 mAh.  But in my case when just one LED light remained illuminated, I was able to at best get a 50-60% charge on my iPhone.  Keep in mind, though, that the LED light either illuminates or it doesn’t; there are no half LED lights so in my use case I may have well plugged in my iPhone when there was just 500 mAh left in the Powerstation Pro’s reserves.  That all being said, the Powerstation Pro was able to power up, on average, my iPhone from an almost dead charge more than 3 times before it needed a recharge.  Keep in mind you have to account for the iPhone’s signal strength, and during my charging cycles my iPhone never remained purely in sleep mode.

In terms of actual every day use, I periodically charged up the Powerstation Pro and tossed it into my bag.  Since I also carry around a Mophie iPhone Battery Pack, I often ended up charging up other devices, such a Verizon MiFi from the Powerstation Pro.  This means that sometimes I wouldn’t use the Powerstation Pro for weeks at a time.  But despite that it seemed to retain its charge in full.  Yes, I’d like to see if it can retain a charge for 6 months, but for the sake of this review I just don’t have that kind of patience.

What I did have time for though, was to submerge the Powerstation Pro in a glass of water.  Now to be completely clear, the IP-65 rating doesn’t cover this

sort of tom foolery.  In fact, Mophie says “don’t take a bath with it,” but after playing with the Powerstation Pro I was confident it could take a dip.  So I dropped it in a glass of water for about a minute’s time, dried it off and the result…it worked just fine.  Sure, I didn’t drop it in a deep pool of water where the pressure would be far greater, but if anything this is a testament to how solid and rugged the Juice Pack Powerstation Pro is; it exceeds its IP-65 rating.  Needless to say, I made sure to the rubber flaps that cover the USB ports were tightly closed, otherwise I’m sure the results would have been a bit different.

Review of Mophie Juice Pack Pro Powerstation by
Bottom Line:
4.5/ 5.0
A tough as nails battery pack that is fit for any outdoor enthusiast that has a penchant for playing hours of Angry Birds in their tent.

Editor’s Rating:

Rating: ★★★★½



  • 6000 mAh of juice on the go
  • 2.1amp USB port for charging iPads and those alike
  • IP-65 rated to survive water and dust (and more in my experience)
  • A bit bulky and heavy for the average person
  • No off switch
  • Mophie doesn’t include a wall wart for charging from your outlet

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