The last Superman movie, “Superman Returns,” was an utter disappointment.  At the helm was Bryan Singer, who in retrospect has turned out to be a bit of a dud following “The Usual Suspects”.  We don’t mean to discredit his directing abilities, at least not entirely, and we have to allow for the budget shortfall on X-Men 1.  Nevertheless, his version of the Man of Steel is anything but what we expected.

Fortunately 6 years has paassed – yes, it’s been that long – and now the waters for another Superman movie are a bit more tepid.  So tepid in fact that we’ll see a reboot of the comic book character by way of Chris Nolan of Batman fame, and Zack Snyder who directed the “300″ Spartan tale.  Nolan will act as a producer, where as Snyder will direct.  We’re gonna manage our expectations accordingly, but Snyder’s “300″ was an epic tale crafted largely in front of a green screen that never made us question the authenticity of the film or its settings.

That all being said, Kevin Costner will play Clark Kent’s father, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Russel Crow as Jor-El, and Henry Cavill (“Immortals”) as the Man of Steel.  And it would appear that Snyder and Nolan have updated the Superman suit, blending the traditional Superman colors with some sort of textured material that retains the familiar yet provides a Batman wow factor.

The “Man of Steel” is expected to release June 14, 2013.  Checkout the above teaser, which debuted with “The Dark Knight Rises” this past Friday.

Christen Costa

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