Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad (comparison)

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nexus 7 vs ipad
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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

8 Comments to Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad (comparison)

  1. Not even bothering to read all of this. What?, N7 has a very very dim screen. Are you sure you got your eyes open, I only have mine at 50% that’s bright enough for me, full is far too bright. let’s face it, you don’t like the N7.

  2. Shannon Doak

    James you state “That said, Google hasn’t caught up with Apple just yet, and it won’t with Android 4.1. But we’re really getting down to the wire here. In a year, maybe less, Android will be caught up, and then Apple will really have to worry.”
    Android has had features iOS hasn’t had for many years. They also allow user control where as iOS does not. In my opinion it is iOS that is playing catchup. Just look at the “new” features….all available on Android for a while. Apple hasn’t innovated since the first iPhone they have only tried to stay in the race as Android has taken over the market in smartphones and will do the same in tablets.

  3. Susi Chan

    Why compare 7″ with 9.7″ and 10″? I think it’s all personal preferences. I am shocked that Google would sell tablets at cost. That seriously hurts other companies who are already struggling with their tablets sales.
    Btw, I am typing this comment using Xoom and I was having problems with the screen earlier.

  4. lordofexcess

    Honestly the Nexus 7 shouldn’t even be compared to the Ipad. It isn’t really competing against the Ipad as much as it is against the Kindle and the Nook. People who cracked those to do pad-ish stuff are the ones who are going to snatch this up. Those who want tablets are going to go with other android options or obviously the Ipad.

    The exciting thing here is this will generate competition at the lower price range and hopefully start the inevitable process of bringing prices down on tablets. Really high quality tablets at sub $400.00 price points is what the marketplace really needs. Once consumers have access to everything that is on the highest end tablets now in terms of processing power, storage, etc. at a low price … we’ll see a virtual revolution in software, accessories, and sales.

    The future looks bright and competition is good for all of us!!

  5. That’s a pretty hilarious comparison still leaving out all the major good points in buying a Nexus 7 over a tablet running over twice the price and if you added in all the goodies like more drive space and 3G/4G, you could end up buying over 4 Nexus 7’s for the entire family, a tiny 4G MiFi and the whole family can play.

    Screen? Do the calculations and you’ll find Nexus 7’s screen also qualifies under Apple’s own viewing distance = screen size x resolution = Classifies 7″ Screen as Retina too! = tie

    Form Factor? Just like with mp3 players, Apple always forgets to include all the cheap MP3 players that sell faster and cheaper than anything from Apple or any company officially recognized as selling top branded devices. I’ve own one iPod and over a 100 generic near throwaway MP3 players. Which form factor wins in any portable device categories, is always the smaller more portable form factor device. Google Nexus 7 with NFC (ipad doesn’t have) is ideal for a GPS replacement in the car or personal movie player on a trip. Shopping with NFC would be easier as Nexus 7 is far more portable. Google Voice hands free Turn by Turn on Maps with Street View and augmented reality soundly beats iPad anything in the car. So form factor has to go to Nexus 7!

    iOS vs Android? Oh come on now I’ve been using Google Voice Actions and Search for 2years now and Apple has nothing to compare even with Siri. Especially in light of Jelly Bean finally getting Majel, Knowledge Graph, Google Now, all contributing to much better Personal Assistant than Siri will ever be. Voice Quality alone shames Siri in Jelly Bean. Apple’s iOS no longer leads the pack. Proving once again Open beats Closed in the long term evolution of technology. Features? Android! Power? Android! Apps available? Even Now! ….and iOS is a dead end mobile OS whose time is at hand. Android having been designed ground up from a full desktop Linux kernel already has the Power to knock iOS completely out of the Future! Speed? Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean nails the speed crown on all the tests that count! Android takes the Crown on it’s Openness in playing every video and audio codec you could shake a stick at!

    Now with Battery life only a slight edge to any iPad, there’d be something wrong with anyone that chose to pay twice as much for half the benefits and features available to Nexus 7 buyers! …so it’s just nuts even attempting to compare the two. No doubt Nexus 7 will not only cripple Amazon Fire Sales, but make a great big dent in New iPad sales too! ….as you know Fire was credited for the big drop in market share last time and expect Nexus 7 kick it below 50% for the first time!

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