Apple has yet to release a console dedicated to bringing iOS-based games directly to your living room TV, complete with traditional button-based controllers. iOS developers Chris Jorgensen and Andi Greisel (the guys behind games like Cavorite and Zombie Karts under the name Cascadia Games) didn’t want to wait around for Apple to come out with one, so they decided to start a campaign for their own prototype on Kickstarter. Their external iDevice accessory basically turns an existing iDevice into a TV-based console powered by USB controllers and an HDMI output.

To copy the console-style controls they wanted, they piggybacked on the Bluetooth input standard by Ion Audio iCade, which already supports more than 100 iOS-based games. They wanted the same set up with a full-sized joystick and massive buttons so they modified NES controllers designed to work on the GameDock’s two USB ports. While that controller’s two-button design limits the number of games the GameDock will support, the creators say the form factor was too attractive to pass up. It also goes behind iCade’s iOS button-control design by allowing simultaneous two-player games, which is a new concept for iOS, so you can play your friend at the same time without having to wait until they’re done for your turn. Games still have to be developed specifically with the GameDock in mind, and the team at Cascadia says they’ve got two big-name iOS developers doing just that. The developers are asking for $125 per Dock (plust the cost of an iOS Device).


Kristie Bertucci

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