Elgato Game Capture HD Review

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game capture HD product shot
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18 Comments to Elgato Game Capture HD Review

  1. do you need special cable or adaptator to use it on SD TV with RCA and peritel input ?
    for capture ps3 game

  2. HardyHarHar

    FYI, this is now 1080p and a host of other firmware updates you would be excited to have (especially for Xbox 360/Wii U using HDMI).

    And for the SD TV question, you can now use older TV/Game Systems with the el gato; look into the latest firmware update features online, you will likely find your winner for Game Capture unit (GCU)…

  3. Yes, niruto12 you can connect your monitor to your ps3 and the elgato, it is very simple. There are many videos about it on youtube

  4. So i am thinking of getting myself the elgato, but i have a question before, could i use my computer monitor as a display (it has HDMI Input) whilst my computer is using it aswell, and still record. would there be any errors or such?

  5. this device was a favorite of mine until it took up my memory and never returned it even if i did delete the video’s and it would still take my memory when i wasn’t recording using the flashback feature im down below half of my memory now which is ridiculous!

  6. Alex snowleopard

    I have ps3, do you need anything more to capture the game or you just use the cables that come in the box?I have the first ps3

    • I still have my first-gen PS3 (that workhorse) and yes it will work fine with it — just get the needed cables because I don’t recall what it came with at the time. The main issue is that it works fine with a PS3. Hope that helps

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