Be the ultimate DYI man with the Dremel Three-Tool Combo Kit that’s going for only $99 at Amazon, plus it ships for free! The CKDR-01 three-tool combo kit includes everything you’ll need to repair, remodel, restore, cut, sand, route, and more.

Included in the combo kit from Dremel is 300 series variable-speed rotary tool, the Multi-Max oscillating tool, and the Trio specialty tool (all CSA and UL listed). With the above three, you’ll be able to multitask your way through a variety of projects at home or in the shop. Also included is a soft storage bag and 25 accessories.

The 300 Series Rotary Tool is best for both rotary beginners and seasoned do-it-yourselfers alike. The rotary tool helps you complete a wide range of household, fine art, and repair projects. It cuts, drills, sands, polishes, and grinds, making it a must-have for home repair enthusiasts and hobbyists. The Multi-Max makes multitasking easier and more product than ever. Narrow spaces and tight spots are no match for the Multi-Max, which can get into areas that conventional saws and sanders cannot reach. Ideal for woodworking projects, it cuts, edges, shapes, and does detail work. Finally, the Trio is great for making quick and controlled cuts in a variety of materials—including wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal, and wall tile. It features a very ergonomic design that design improves accuracy while increasing comfort.


Kristie Bertucci

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