I have an original iPad. I picked it up just a few months after the device launched in the Spring of 2010? My beloved better half was given an iPad 2. Her job was cunning…I mean “kind” enough to get the staff such a high end productivity tool. Within eight months the thing was murdered. Dropped from dizzying heights, it met its end shattered in pieces against the cold concrete of a schoolhouse parking lot. Now she’s on iPad 2 #2, yet on the sole pretence this one is encased in a formidable suit of armor akin to attack dog training gear.

This all got me thinking about the true resilience touted for some of the more rugged and ambitious¬† next gen iPad cases and covers. Today I pound and toss around the mean-looking Ballistic Tough Jacket for iPad 2 and iPad 3. It’s bulky and rugged, but linebacker impregnability is what’s required when faced with hard-hitting opposition or wives with butter fingers. Let’s take a look.

Some looking for a softer more elegant look for their tablet protection may snub their delicate noses at the militant ruggedness of the Tough Jacket. I, for one, love it. It tells onlookers; the owner of this tablet is serious about his/her iPad’s survival. No joke! The Ballistic Tough Jacket drapes your iPad in three layers of protection. The initial inner layer is made of silicone and absorbs shock. The second layer is a constructed from impact-resistant hard plastic. Finally the third layer is a shock absorbent polymer layer. Tack on the “Ballistic Corners” for super padded protection and extra shock absorption and you have a near ironclad digital tank ready to take on the clumsiness, bumps and scrapes of all trades.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket also features a hard plastic removable cover for increased protection when your iPad is not in use. The cover snaps to the back of the Tough Jacket case and sports a handy kickstand for hands-free reading or movie viewing. It’s not the best looking cover and adds unwanted absurdity to the aesthetics of your high end tablet when placed over the front. But you tossed out any ideas around high fashion when you began investigating tablet durability at this particular level.

Shrouded in the Tough Jacket, an iPad can absorb considerable shock. The wife’s original iPad 2 fell from about five feet in the air to a concrete demise. A reenactment proved the Tough Jacket could handle such a fall with nothing but minor scrapes and scratches to the case. I call them battle scars!

Tough protection and handsome and rugged looks for a low cost of entry, is what you can expect from the Ballistic Tough Jacket iPad case. It does what it says and does it well. Plus you get lightweight protection and a snazzy kickstand for easy viewing.


Editor Rating:

Rating: ★★★★½


Bottom Line: The Ballistic Tough Jacket wholly lives up to its namesake, while keeping your iPad safe under concussive stress!



  • Tough rugged protection
  • …with the looks to match
  • Cover-kickstand combo is clever and handy
  • Very affordable


  • Added bulk

You can buy the Ballistic Tough Jacket at Amazon for $32.50

Shawn Sanders

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