3D Director Viewer Review

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3D Director Viewer Box and product

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4 Comments to 3D Director Viewer Review

  1. Seems like the Hasbro my3D, but I definitely want to get one of these even though I already got the Hasbro. I love taking 3D photos with my iPhone using ShowMe3D. It works with red/blue glasses or cross-eyed viewing, but the Hasbro is much better than those and I think this will be much better still.

  2. If you want a lot of content for this on the iPhone, check out the app, 3D. 2 See on the iTunes store!

      • Unfortunately it’s not US based at this time — do a little googling around and you can most likely get it from the company’s website (paying a premium for shipping) or perhaps find a dealer more local to the US.

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