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The Batmobile Documentary Official Trailer (video)


[GR]kCAWje_-FmI[/GR] The world premiere of The Dark Knight Rises is in a couple of days and Warner Brothers and DC Comics have released information on an upcoming documentary devoted to Batman’s awesome ride! The iconic Batmobile has transcended comic books, TV shows, and several movies, and The Batmobile Documentary will...

160-inch Video Game Display

This 160-inch Video Game Display is Every Racing Sim Players Dream (video)


[GR]6QywPrZR7QY[/GR] Racing game simulators may have piqued in terms of features, realism, graphical elements, and just about anything else you think can be crammed into a single disc for the console of your choosing.  But experiencing the true thrill of F1 car, or really any high end vehicle that is race applicable can generally...

Camo Bolt Aciton PEN GR

Camo Bolt Action Pen Takes Aim on Your Notes


Taking a shot at those notes, or that term paper will never seem quite as difficult with this Camo Bolt Action Pen in hand.  Stupid puns aside, this pen easily one ups the .375 Bullet Pen that we showed you last May. Included is a bolt action like rifle setup...


Nomiku: Thermal Immersion Cooking Comes Home for $300


“Set it and forget it” is the antithesis of any chef’s job.  Minding a boiling pot of water, or a wood fire grill is paramount in any culinary scenario.  That is unless of course you’re engaging in thermal immersion cooking, otherwise known as Sous Vide.  It’s a technique that has...

PHILIPS Fidelio SoundAvia AD7000W/3 frontal view

PHILIPS Fidelio SoundAvia AD7000W/37 Review


Audio docks for Apple iOS devices have been around for a while now — in fact there’s plenty of them to choose from, so why a PHILIPS? Maybe because you have to look for the straw in the haystack to get a quality result. Or maybe because the PHILIPS Fidelio...

Tesla S Sedan Hands On-2

Tesla Retail Store Hands On, Tesla S in the Flesh (pics)


So if you happen to live in Santa Monica, CA, or some where close by, you can stop by what is Tesla’s first retail location located on the Santa Monica Promenade, otherwise known as 3rd street (it’s on the last block, closest to Wilshire).  The location is less than 4...


G.I. Joe USB Flash Drives from Mimobot (pics)


The 80s were a time for imagination.  Sure, the NES arrived in 1984, but that didn’t stop us from running around outside or playing with actual physical toys.  It was a magical time that kids today will unfortunately never have the luxury of experiencing.  If you’re one of these kids,...