10 Reasons to Switch to Chrome for iOS and Ditch Safari

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14 Comments to 10 Reasons to Switch to Chrome for iOS and Ditch Safari

  1. Safari on iPad has bookmark bar under the address-type which is much better than google chrome, and the speed connection is faster and even 17% faster on iOS 6 will be released this september

  2. Problem is they’ve rated it 4+ which means children can install it and look at harmful content even if their phones are restricted. Bad idea. iPhone browsers should all be rated 17+.

  3. I disagree with some of your statements. You CAN search for a word in the page on safari. (google it). And also, I find the unified search bar annoying because if I want to modify my search words, I have to retype them all whereas in safari I can just add or remove a word from the original search.

    • gadgetreview

      I’d love to here how you can do this? I hear you about the unified search bar. It’s a fair point, but I’m a Chrome user so I prefer this feature.

      • Trevor Kemp

        It’s so obvious that no one even thinks to do it: just use the search field (the one that usually Googles), and scroll all the way to the bottom of the results. There you will find results on the current page. I admit it’s not the most elegant, but it’s there. I find it strange that the lack of this feature (which actually does exist) is a complaint of so many users.

  4. crisis account

    overall chrome gives better browsing experience than safari. Most visited ,book marks and sync tabs are cool features and available at your finger tips . I’m waiting for chrome store (ever note clips, angrybirds,turn off lights, translate, weather bla bla ) when available for iOS then most of the apps can be deleted from ipad saving memory and chaos. and then i can completely ditch safari. I wish i could delete it permanently (huh.. Windows IE pain)!!

  5. Daniel J.

    Points 5., 6., 8. are not true. All of these features are available in Safari. You can search the current page, there is saving of login data (auto-fill), and there is “Private Browsing”. Perhaps the author of this article overlooked these on purpose? Not nice…
    As for the other features, only “Request desktop version” is important and especially useful. Don’t forget that the author pointed out (as if they were minor issues), that you cannot set Chrome as a default browser and it doesn’t have access to iOS’s fast webkit engine, unlike Safari.

    • gadgetreview

      I am willing to concede on many of these points, however Safari makes them difficult to access, which I can now see after doing more research. At the end of the day I prefer Chrome and really don’t find the speed to be all that different.

  6. You know you CAN search within a page on Safari for iPhone. While on a page just type what you want to search for in the search bar at the top, and scroll past the Internet results and at the bottom there are results for those terms inside the page.

    • gadgetreview

      Wow, I’ve been an iPhone user for a long time and never noticed this feature, probably because I don’t scroll down below those results. I still prefer Chrome for this option, though.

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