Nike has enhance their Nike+ Running App for iPhone, Nike+ Running App for Android, and has included a number of new features that allows you to share your stats with friends online. The world’s largest running club is evolving to empower more runners than ever before to track, measure, compare and share their runs across the globe. The new Nike+ Running experience motivates runners with insightful and inspirational new features, and broadened access to the NIKE+ community, which has grown to approximately 7 million members since its launch in 2006.

The Nike+ Running App for iPhone, brand new Nike+ Running App for Android, faster performance and smarter motivational features through the reengineered site, and enhanced social sharing through Facebook Friend tagging – all within the evolving ecosystem of Nike+ Running products. Both apps are free and allow runners to track, share and compare their runs – all within a seamless, intuitive user experience. New features include a new interface, in-run navigation that allows runners to easily check key run stats, see their in-progress GPS map, change songs or get audio feedback without missing a stride.

But the key thing about all the improvement is how the app is supposed to motivate runners with the new “Next Moves” feature on the home screen allows runners to easily flip through suggested challenges like to outdoing your last run and more. Social sharing is more fun with added run summary features. Now runners can choose from a wider variety of terrains and emotions, as well as tag which shoe they ran in to track shoe total mileage.  Runners no longer have to input weather if they want to record it – the app automatically knows the weather based on GPS location.


Kristie Bertucci

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