Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy S II (Comparison)

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8 Comments to Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy S II (Comparison)

  1. angry us cellular g s 2 owner

    The galaxy s 2 is available on us cellular and has been since it came out! Get your facts strait before you publish them on the internet!!!

  2. I used to have perfect vision but now absolutely must use reading-glasses for any close-up work. I know this is sour-grapes, but for me the GS2’s 800×480 res is much easier on the eyes. For instance, the GS2 has four app icons in a home screen row whereas the GS3 has five, but each one is slightly smaller. Plus there’s the awesomeness of the AMOLED display. (I’m a photography nut.)
    I looked at a GS3 in the store and confirmed that I’m probably better off with the GS2 regardless out of concern for eyestrain, and I don’t play action games anyway so the extra processing power doesn’t figure in (for me) either.
    But If my vision was still perfect, I might already have the GS3 even though I got my GS2 only four months ago. That said, if the iPhone 5 features a 5″ display, I might take a look and consider getting that and a tablet to move my ‘droid apps over to. (I already have a boat-load of iTunes apps because I own an iPod 3 but now don’t use THAT anymore except as an mp3 player in the car.)
    And on and on it goes, right?
    : )

  3. My SII has ICS – it’s an easy manual upgrade. Since the upgrade, battery life is much improved as well (with juice defender anyway). The SII is a great phone to be stuck with for the next 2 years. The next greatest phone is always another month away. Just get the latest and greatest when the next upgrade cycle hits.

    • James Pikover

      It’s a tough sell. I had the Epic 4G Touch, and there’s no way I’d switch to the GS3 for Sprint, especially if there’s no 4G included. Plus I really liked the design of the GSM version; I wouldn’t be keen on trading it in for a much larger phone at full price, or even half price.

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