Rant: Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” (Rant)

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11 Comments to Rant: Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” (Rant)

  1. it fascinates me how people, in this case you (and sadly, you’re not the only one), go and review extended cut endings without actually looking at all three (four) endings. Quote: “I am not about to go sit through all three pre-patch endings again, so I
    can not be 100% sure, but I think some of the animations of the
    Crucible firing have been altered. ” And you are supposed to review this, but you’re not about to sit through all that crap? No, you think that there might be only color of the beam that was changed. Wow. And Mordin Solus, what he was doing to cure genophage now??? Hello, did we play the same game? Priority: Tuchanka –> Mordin Solus –> cure for the genophage –> dispersal via shroud facility on Tuchanka –> big ass explosion –> Mordin dead? Wow. I am amazed. What a nice piece of review (laughing sarcastically)

    • Shawn Kline

      I played the game and ALL of the endings when the game initially came out – just because I didn’t want to SIT there and unload the patch, rewatch them, then load the patch and do it all again doesn’t negate anything I said. Oh and buddy, please read what I wrote – I had ONE save where I did everything to make Mordin live. He says that he will find another cure when the war is over, and I want to know what happened there. Apparently you didn’t play the games as thoroughly as you thought? At any rate, I’m amazed at your nice and insightful comment (laughing sarcastically)

  2. katsumi1980

    Personally I liked EC. But then again I didn’t mind the original. In Extended Cut you get to see all your squad mates in the still images, researching, relaxing, and going on about their lives, it reminds me of the Fallout endings in a way. Everyone you’ve been close to is at the wall with the names at the end. I think if you’re a ME fan: you’ll like the extended cut, if you are not a mass effect fan, and flat out refuse to give ME3 a chance: You’ll probably still hate it.

    • Shawn Kline

      I guess I just wish it would have been more like the Fallout endings and would have given closure to each of your squad mates….

  3. You tagged this as a rant – it really is rather harmless, I believe.
    Thanks for the honest review though, I totally agree that there is no amount of closure – on the contrary. I still don’t know what happened to my companions. Although I thought the Fallout New Vegas ending was a little disappointment, their end sequence was a million times better than what Bioware did to their great Mass Effect franchise.

  4. Can’t understand why you are complaining so much about this. The original endings were crap, the new endings bring closure, it doesn’t require an editorial on every character. This is another misplaced rant about the ending, when in actual fact the anger is not actually about the ending but that the journey we all took on this game has now ended, and some just can’t accept that.

    • Shawn Kline

      Honestly I’m not upset the ride is over. I enjoyed the games, but every good thing has to end sometime. The irritation comes with the way that the series was ended. The new endings bring closure? Are you freaking kidding me? They offer no more closure than a normal player would be able to figure out by using plain and simple logic. The new endings do nothing but offer a garbage bandaid to a big problem.

  5. Bilal Shah

    This, everything or everyone reviewing it on internet is so proud of this bioware achievement, this was a futile exercise by Bioware anyway by the result of it.

  6. Finally! Someone talks sense. All the reviews online are talking as if the Extended Cut was the best thing that happened to gaming since the dawn of mankind. Bullshit!

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