Pyle PLTTB8UI Classic Vinyl Turntable Review

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Pyle PLTTB8UI Classic Vinyl Turntable front open iPod dock

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2 Comments to Pyle PLTTB8UI Classic Vinyl Turntable Review

  1. I “bumped” into this post, and I must say as experienced with turntables and analog equipment, that these new Chinese-made units are fail to deliver the true full sound of the vinyl records, firstly because the use of cheap ceramic cartridges, instead of moving magnet ones (they are the elementary standard since the early 1970’s for consumer TTs). The ceramic cartridges have extremely narrow frequency response (much less bass and treble spectrum than the normal MM cartridges) and the worse case – they tend to to emphasize the background noises from the record, and they tend to distort the overall sound with crackles that you won’t hear with a normal MM cartridge.
    Second, the needles are very cheap-made style – I’m not sure if they are truly made from diamond chips – this fact can cause irreversible damage to your favorite record collection – Be careful, and consider to buy second hand REAL turntable with metal parts and real MM cartridge – then you’ll get the full un-replaceable sound of the vinyl :) (and it’ll cost you 1/4 the price…)

    PS – Sorry for the lame english…

    • vintage lover

      Hey Amir
      Looks like you want to get a 1000 bucks unit for 199 it does not work like that
      This review is a great review and the price is great for what you get
      I give this review A+

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