For Melissa Marks and Vincente Caride, walking up and down their LEGO staircase in their Chelsea apartment in Manhattan, NYC is like walking down any ordinary staircase. Their stair railing is made using 20,000 LEGO bricks. Named the “Marks/Caride Residence,” the apartment uses the creative spirit of I-Beam Architecture And Design and of the couple who reside in that very unique space. Both worked together to develop a plan that would include a very special LEGO-built staircase, which were introduced in the architect’s stair design by one of New York’s two licensed LEGO Artists – Sean Kenney.

The house also features a series of sliding walls that weigh more than 500 pounds and serve as an alternating studio and exhibition walls that can reveal or conceal different areas like the studio, office and living room. A walnut design line goes through the apartment, becoming part of each space – shelving system, stairs, door jambs, window sills, desks and counter tops and providing the white space with an elegant abundance of focus points, depending on the features of each space.

Kristie Bertucci

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