Klymit’s Ulaar Jackets aren’t like any traditional jacket you own given it uses argon gas as an innovate insulator that will definitely keep you warm. So when you’re a bit too chilly, you pump the jacket full of the argon gas and then when you’re nice and toasty, you get the noble gas out. Klymit calls their technology NobleTek, and they’ve been using it a line of vests since 2009. They choose argon because it’s a noble gas and was a great choice for insulation because they have low thermal conductivity. With this new technology, you can stay nice and warm without having to layer on all kinds of jackets or more. No more bulk and you don’t get the added weight of to much insulation that other jackets may have.

And to always make sure you have enough gas to keep you warm, Klymit’s pump and argon cartridges are easy to carry around. The Ulaar jacket is both a lightweight shell and insulated jacket in one, but without the extra balk and it’s lined with stretchy bamboo carbon fabric that’s soft, fast drying and anti-microbial, making it a great choice for those that like to be prepared for their outdoor activities, but don’t want to carry around extra clothes or big, bulky jackets. You’ll be able to buy the Ulaar jacket later this fall.




Kristie Bertucci

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