First came the Jetlev, a jetpack that incorporated a thruster that shot water so fast through its motor it allowed riders to float in the sky as if they were wearing a James Bond jetpack.  The Jetlev took over 9 year to develop and with it came an exuberant price tag that topped $100,000.  Following that was the Flyboard.  A similar experience to the Jetlev, but instead of bringing its own engine to the party, it connected to a preexisting PWC, such a jet ski and thus reduced cost to a much more palatable level.  However, the Flyboard takes a fair bit of acclumation and practice in order to, well, fly.  Enter the Jetovator from same company that brought you the Seabreacher, a dolphin inspired submarine that can top speeds of 50mph above water or 25mph below.

The Jetovator is very comparable to the Flyboard in that it too depends on a PWC to power its thrusters.  But unlike the Flyboard, which is anything but a normative experience, at least relative to today’s land and water vehicles, the Jetovator is more analgous to that of a motorcycle; you sit and drive the apparatus.  Its maker, Inner Space’s Rob Innes, says that the setup and experience is comparable to that of the Flyboard, requiring a 40-foot hose that connects to a high powered personal water craft, which then fires riders “30 feet in the air at 25 mph and dive up to 10 feet below the water, performing wheelies, barrel rolls and back flips along the way.”

So far 30 people have ridden the Jetovator and the ones that fall off are those that attempt crazy moves, which as we saw with the Flyboard was anything but the case.  Supposedly, early Jetovator models will be available for purchase in 3 months for $8,975, though they expect additional options, with a cost of course, to roll out later in the year.

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Source | Via: Gizmag

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