JAYS a-JAYS Four Earbuds Review

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6 Comments to JAYS a-JAYS Four Earbuds Review

  1. Awful really :/ base quality isn’t there AT ALL when they didn’t state anything on base. Was expecting a light base at least, I regretted getting this and wasted my money which isn’t cheap, now I will have to tolerate with this awful earphones until it spoils or I save enough to get a new one. The music is too soft so I could hear everything around me so trust me when they say you can isolate things around you, you can’t. Why would anyone buy this for such an expensive price? I should have done some reviews when my $30 Singapore dollar as I stay in Singapore, spoiled and will never get the Jays but my spoiled earphones are so much better and so much cheaper. I really have nothing to say about the product accept for DON’T GET IT. Cuz i truly regret now.

  2. Shocking build quality even worse customer service

    I had these headphones for one month and used them a handful of times.
    Even so the jack plug came away from the casing when I pulled them out.
    Customer service didn’t want to know whatsoever and were particularly rude.
    I would recommend any alternative manufacturer. For the price there are much better on the market.

  3. Picked up a pair yesterday after my Apple earphone’s remote stopped working, found those for $49.99 at BestBuy (Halifax, Canada), darn good looking, and sound even better than I anticipated.

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