i.Sound Portable Power Max 16,000 mAH Backup Battery Review

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i.Sound Portable Power Max 16,000 mAH Backup Battery main image
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6 Comments to i.Sound Portable Power Max 16,000 mAH Backup Battery Review

  1. I-Sound isn’t bad of a product, great for power outages we all have laptop lighting in drawers only drawback if the ‘flashlight’ feature, it isn’t focused so the light it gives out spreads out wide

  2. The manual says when charging an iPad, nothing else can be charged simultaneously. Also, if two iPhones are charging, nothing else can be charged simultaneously. What’s the point of having five USB outputs?

    • 1. That would probably mean two devices on one usb port on one computer which has about 500mA (about 900mA on USB 3.0). This device has a higher output current than a computer so this is not a problem.
      2. Not everyone are using iPads or iPhones..

  3. I got two pop-ups, one a survey and one because I left my mouse over a double-underlined word when looking at the survey.

    Regardless, I’m looking for a little more information on this. How does it charge? Can it charge from a micro-USB charger that most of the devices I’ll be carrying support, or will it need something different? If it’s an alternative connector then it would be potentially something else to carry around, which I don’t need.

    How much charge did you actually get out of this? The review seems to state that you stopped testing before you’d discharged the unit. If this is a review on an product who’s main use is to supply power when when regular mains is not available, would it not be useful to test how much real life power it can supply?

    After all, I’m not really interested in a glossy black finish if it’s up and died on me. The bottom line and conclusion introduce information that haven’t been mentioned in the body of the article – help!

    • gadgetreview

      Bob, you shouldn’t have any pop ups. If you roll over and remain on something there is a possibility that will trigger an ad. Our apologies about this.

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