HP Omni 27 All-in-One PC Review

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6 Comments to HP Omni 27 All-in-One PC Review

  1. Reschelle.

    Would like to know how to clear D drive. It is totally in the red..after doing a norton anti virus backup..which norton recommended.

  2. me golpearon mi cabeza en mexico y ya que de tonto y no la compre ya la tenia y ahora es pero quje sa quen otra mejor en junio del 2014

  3. Hi everybody, I hope everybody is having a great day?

    I’m hoping somebody can help! I have been shopping around for a PC
    online for a while now, the Desktop in this Youtube video looks like a great choice, any opinions?

  4. unhappy aussie

    if somebody has a solution to a fix , love to hear back from you , this appears to be related to some poor earthing of wires to screen as machine warms up conections are perfect, ,,, also does anybody no weather or not you can set it to 64BIT or is 32 BIT all it is capible of, need feed back please help me

  5. unhappy aussie

    my screen alway’s gets cartoonized effect from something wrong inside , has since day 1 of setting it up , this is so frustrating i could just smash it , 3/10 is my rating for this machine and over priced to the max for quality level of nearest competitor’s,, any suggestions to what it may be as just a flick with the finger can sort it for few minutes

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