Just incase of a Zombie attack in the near future, you should look into stocking up on some firearms, and this Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle ($275), would make the perfect firearm to add to your collection. The AR-7 has been the choice of U.S. Air Force pilots who need a small-caliber rifle they can count on for survival since 1959 and it holds a reputation for being reliable and useful thanks to its portability.

Like the original Henry US Survival Rifle, the semi-automatic firearm features an 8-round .22 LR magazine and actually has a unique design that allows the receiver and the barrel to fit inside the impact-resistant, waterproof stock, so it’s perfect for storing it in a bag with necessary clothes and supplies for when you have to be on the move. It’s lightweight (just 3.5 lbs) and highly portable, at just 16 ½” long (when all the components are stowed), it fits easily into the cargo area of a plane or boat or in a backpack. And because it’s chambered in .22LR you can carry a large quantity of ammunition, without adding much weight to your gear.

Kristie Bertucci

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