Elevators in homes are no big deal.  Sure, they’re generally the epitome of an opulent pad, but not what we’d call very awe inspiring.  You get in, hit a button and take a ride up to the top.  Perhaps when elevators were still relatively new to the world this was something to boast about.  But the elevator is a bit like a Limo, which is to say the hype is better than the reality.

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However, allow us to stand corrected, at least when it comes to this home in Bordeaux France by architectural company Oma.   Like a typical house, it boasts a set of floors dedicated to a variety of activities.  The bottom floors plays host to the kitchen and includes an indoor/outdoor space, while the second floor is for general living, and the third floor are bedrooms.  Nothing special, right?  Wrong.  In the center of the home is a giant platform elevator, allowing its guest to be hoisted up or down through the center of the home.  The design was a result of the husband being confined to a wheel chair.  He wanted an unorthodox house, or as he put it a “complex house…that [would] define [his] world.”

It’s not clear what safety measures have been put in place to prevent people from falling through the gaping hole that is left over after the elevator reaches the bottom floor.  But we should note that there is a bookcase built into the center, as well as a set of stairs for those that don’t want to ride on Friday.

Christen Costa

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