D-Link DIR-505 All-in-One Mobile Companion Review

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D-Link DIR-505 All-in-One Mobile Companion main
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13 Comments to D-Link DIR-505 All-in-One Mobile Companion Review

  1. Is that a powered USB port? I wonder if it could enable access to a large external HDD, not just a USB stick.

  2. can I use this device in hostpost / repeater mode to extend LAN ethernet?

    i.e. suppose i want to connect my TV (which is ethernet only) to existing wifi network, can this device share network to Ethernet porT?

    • If I understand you correctly, you can not connect the Ethernet port on your TV to the unit since that is reserved for the incoming Internet connection. You’d have to use a WiFi enabled TV or an adapter connected to the TV as is the case with some models of TVs as well as Blu-ray players) to be able to gain a signal.

      Now if what you are saying is can this be used as a repeater specifically, I would say that’s a good question as it’s not designed for that use. Granted you could plug it into an existing router to gain a WiFi signal but then it’s being at the router obviates it being used elsewhere. So I would say no.

      • “Now if what you are saying is can this be used as a repeater
        specifically… it’s not designed for that use.”

        No sure what you meant here. One specific function of the device is to act as a repeater.

        It is however not a bridge so you can’t use it to bridge the TV to an existing wifi network.

        If you need a travel router that can act as a bridge, take a look at the one from Asus (WL-330N3G) instead.

      • Yes, you can. While using the dir-505 in repeater mode I hooked up the ethernet cable to the dir-505 and found it was spitting out internet through the ethernet port as well.

  3. Fernando...from Spain.

    No way to connect to my WI-FI in order to REPEAT IT to the garden as I had it set so as not to transmit its SSID.
    So for now as far as the device has no way to select manually the name of the NET within the configuration wizard, it turns out to be useless…
    Software needs improving so as to include “MANUALLY ENTER NAME OF NETWORK” next to “SCAN FOR NETWORKS”.

  4. Can this device can convert an USB modem(with 3G chip) signal to wi-fi, so that I can use my Wi-fi only devices which dont have an USB ports?

  5. I just tried one of these devices and found the setup to be clunky and confusing (when compared to an Airport Express). The product’s name is also misleading. To me, “mobile companion” = plug my Smartphone into the USB port, and the DIR-505 shares my mobile broadband connection over wifi (while charging my smartphone). Strange that DLink missed that one…

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