Daily Archives: June 25, 2012

Xbox 360 Bundle $99

$99 Xbox 360 Now Selling at Best Buy and Gamestop


So if you recall, and we’re sure you do, Microsoft began offering their Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle for just $99.  Course, the catch was, and still is, that you have to sign a 2-year contract promising to pay $15 a month for the duration of the obligation.  At the...


JuiceBuddy is the Smartest iPhone Charger Ever (video)


Apple rumors these days seem to point to a micro iPhone dock connector. It’s a shame, because millions upon million of Apple devotees have invested in compatible products, such as docks, chargers and more.  That said, there is a good chance that Apple will sell, or release the next iPhone...

clearplex screen protector

Clearplex iPhone Screen Protectors Can Stop a Bullet (video)


[GR]hvr9LBbUJZI[/GR] As we’ve proved, shooting things, as in gadgets, with a hand gun can lead to all sorts of attention, wanted or unwanted.  We’re not saying Clearplex copied us, but nor is the idea an original one.  But originality aside, it’s a damn compelling testament to your product’s capabilities.  What...

spotify vs mog_featured

MOG vs Spotfiy (Comparison)


Spotify is currently the most used music subscription right now, but there are plenty of others that offer practically the same service, but with a bit of variation. One of those “others” is MOG, which actually shares a lot of characteristics with Spotify, like their price plan. Read more about...