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Everki Titan Backpack Review


When I was reviewing the Asus G75 laptop, I had a serious dilemma:  I normally carry my laptop around with me everywhere, but with a system as massive as that one, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to accomplish it.  I had a number of backpacks...

Free PS3

Get a Free PS3 When You Buy a Sony Vaio Laptop


Are you a college student or a contributing member of the college faculty?  Good news.  You, yes you can score a free PS3 or Playstation Vita when you buy that must have laptop from Sony.  Applicable models include “all custom S, T, Z and L Series PCs and ready to...

Bane and Batman Flash Drives

Dark Knight Rises and BANE Flash Drives Arrive (video)


USB flash drives are generally square, boring, plastic pieces of kit.  Those with fingerprint readers add a ton more security, while others slide out from a sheath increasing the drive’s durability.  However, we’d rather use MIMOBOT’s drives, which to this day have come in a variety of flavors, though we’ve seen...


Amped Wireless announces SR20000G

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If you look at the product catalog for Amped Wireless’s past offerings, and then look at the different things they have been announcing lately, you might have noticed something suspiciously missing.  Well, that missing product gets filled in today with the announcement of the SR20000G – a dual band repeater...


Lollipop Chainsaw Review (PS3)


One of the biggest problems with the games industry today is that so many companies are content to just push out lackluster sequel after lackluster sequel, just because a franchise with an established name has a following.  More often than not when someone does push a good IP, you end...