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Data Rescue 3

ProSoft Engineering Data Rescue 3 Review

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Through the years I’ve talked about far too many of my shortcomings when it comes to dealing with electronics. Be that as it may, you would think that doing multiple backups of hard drives would ensure that I’d not be boxed into a corner. But I was. Time for a...

AT AT Bed-1

Star Wars Home Made AT-AT Walker Bed


Laying your head to rest every night probably takes place on a boring old mattress and box spring setup.  Sure, it’s functional, but odds are you won’t wake up thinking you’re a little rebel or that you can save the universe from the impending doom of the Darths.  That is unless...


Fincube Transportable House


Not too many people can boast about owning a transportable home.  If you don’t know what “transportable” is, don’t worry, we didn’t either until we looked it up.  Transportable simply means it can be carried, or moved, which is exactly the case for the Fincube.  But hold your horses, cause...

Ohea Smart Bed

Ohea Smart Bed Makes Itself (video)


[GR]hrWEenI_ozM[/GR] An unmade bed can make any bedroom look askew.  After all, the bed is generally the center piece, as in the focus of the room.  However, for some, tucking in sheets and rearranging pillows is such a painful experience that they’d rather just not ever do it. While we...

netflix kung fu movies

26 Kung Fu Movies Streaming on Netflix (list)


Engage your inner ninja by watching some of the top kung fu movies that are currently streaming on Netflix. Some are genre comedies, while others are straight foreign films, bringing you the best in kung fu action. And, of course, we can’t forget all of flicks from martial arts legend...


Rinser Toothbrush Channels Water to Your Face (video)

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Bending over at the sink and scooping water into your mouth is about as difficult as turning the tap on.  Think about it – barbarians, cavemen, and everyone before inside plumbing existed, has resorted to this method of drinking from streams, lakes, and even stagnant pools of water.  But with...