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Incog Multitool-1

InCOG Biketool Hides in Your Handlebars

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There you are biking along, minding your own business when your bike tire goes flat or a nut or screw comes loose.  Sure, you could pop into your local bike shop, but you might end up in “line pergatory,” waiting for the tech to get through the other 20 bikes...

Slingbox and WD TV

Slingbox Now Compatible with WD TV Media Players


For as long as we can remember, you needed a DVR of some sort (Tivo, TimeWaner DVR, Dish Network, etc) if you wanted to take advantage of SlingMedia’s Slingbox.  You see, the Slingbox allows you to watch your recorded content from just about any where in the world, provided you’ve...


Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener


Slicing up a piece of fruit in the jungle requires either a machete or a butterfly knife.  Anything less and you’re not fit for an expedition through the Amazon.  Perhaps the same could be said of bartenders, only their weapon of choice is generally a bar key, an over sized...