True Call of Duty fans don’t play with a regular, old Xbox 360 controller.  Instead, you play with one of these, an Xbox 360 9mm Bullet Button Controller .  Each controller is hand modified by Etsy user DieselLaceDesign, aka Tyler, where upon he replaces the A, X, Y and B buttons with fired, yes fired 9mm bullet casings.  So fear not, these controller don’t contain live ammo, which is to say they don’t blow up in your face when you slam down your controller as a result of getting your ass handed to you by a 10 year old COD freak.

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You can order the controller provided they’re available in a retail capacity or alternatively you can complete the process yourself, though the latter sounds far too laborious and not nearly as exciting.  That said, you can ship in your preexisting controller and Tyler will mod it for $25 plus the cost of shipping.  Or you can drop 90 bucks and he’ll ship a brand new one to your door step.  However, it looks like you can get one right now for a few cents shy of $55.

Christen Costa

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