Gaming on a tablet, while practical in many ways, at leaset for the casual gamer, isn’t the experience that any hardcore gamer is seeking.  In that case there is always Sony’s PSP or Vita and Nintendo 3Ds.  But those are hardly an all in one answer, especially if you’re still seeking the convenience of a tablet (by that we’re referring to watching movies and surfing the web).

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Enter the Wikipad.  It debuted at CES 2012 and has now signed a partnership with Gaikai, which will provide an on demand gaming experience by wirelessly delivering games to the tablet gaming device over the air, which can happen by WiFi or an optional 3G module.  Although the first iteration of the concept gaming device called for an 8.1-inch screen, Wikipad returned to the drawing board and now plans to deliver it in a 10.1-inch flavor along with a more svelte body.  Wikipad hasn’t specified what processor will live under the hood, but we do know that it will be a quad core one resulting in lag free gaming, websurfing, video watching – you name it and the Wikipad will fly.  As for those controls, you can expect dual analog sticks, a d-pad and the standard set of video game buttons.  Other features will include 8GB of storage, front and back cameras and a WiFi direct module which we assume plugs into a TV’s HDMI port and allows you to take the Android 4.0 device’s gaming to the big screen.

Unfortunately, Wikipad hasn’t made public the launch date, though we’re hearing the end of the year.

And yes, the controller portion is removable.

Christen Costa

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