For those who like recreational toys will enjoy knowing that they can soon get their hands on the latest watercraft toy with the Quadrofoil. Created by three young Slovenian designers in six months, the Quadrofoil is a two-person electric hydrofoil that a top speed of 25 mph/22 knot while offering a very quiet run and fast-turning dynamics, which is why it’s being touted as a “sports car for the water.” Its greatest advantage, though, is its lack of emissions so it won’t upset delicate marine ecosystems.

Due to the efficiency of hydrofoils, it achieves its 25 mph top speed with just one 3.7 kW electric motor, and thanks to its lightweight (330 lb,) carbon fiber and Kevlar body and in-built 4.5 kWh lithium batteries, it has a range of 62 miles. It can be recharged from a domestic powerpoint in an hour, or via the flexible solar panels which come with each Quadrofoil. They’re designed so that they could be easily folded inside the watercraft as an emergency power source, or to top up the battery when “off the grid.”

Another benefit of it utilizing a hydrofoil is the comfort factor for passengers who will feel as if they’re flying instead of feeling the pounding of the waves. A hydrofoil is a wing that “flies” in water, and the flight of the Quadrofoil is only disturbed by waves greater than 20 inches. The designers also claim that it’s unsinkable and it is designed to always return to upright if it’s knocked over. They will be a production run of 100 examples by the end of the year, with the company planning to raise more capital to fund plans for more units next year. The retail price of the Quadrofoil will be EUR15,000 (US$19,100) and a spot on the waiting list can be secured with a EUR5000 (US$6,370)


Kristie Bertucci

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