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13 Comments to Tera Review

  1. Aggelos_bladewing

    The reason it feels like Lineage 2 is because the game is made off of stole code that was meant for Lineage 3.

  2. The lack of in depth information in this review made this review feel more like an first impression. 
    The constant reference to a bland lore and story is nullified by the fact that the reviewer himself claimed to not have read any of the quest text. I’ve read from numerous other sources that those who bothered to read through the texts have found the story to be quite good, especially in MMO standards. 
    My other gripe is the shallowness of this review, this writer merely hinted at the presence of a political system, coming across slightly ignorant on the subject which he is reviewing.
    Matter of fact most of the games selling points are left completely unmentioned, while covering only the basics present in the early stage of the game. 

    Features such as the in depth political system, guild housing, nexus system, the new content zones with additional game play mechanics, BAMs?, the EVE like chronoscroll subscription model, GvG, open world PVP where all left completely untouched. 
    That coupled with false statements such as Korean Tera being f2p, their subscription model might be hard to grasp but paying by the hour does not make a game free to play, nor does the lack of a box fee. ¨

    Somehow I fail to see this piece as a review, but more of a opinion piece based off of minimal experience & knowledge, in a field of games that truly requires considerable investments in order to get the entire experience of which it has to offer. 

    I would appreciate a follow piece going more in depth with the game, if this review is to be taken seriously.

    • Shawn Kline

      I did read some of the quest texts, but found them to be boring and started ignoring others – maybe I should have read more, but I just didn’t care for it. I also admitted that I didn’t get into the political system yet, and had planned on coming back to that at another time, because as I am having fun playing it I have no desire to just up and quit.

      Also, I guess I was confused by the Korean Tera’s payment system – I was led to believe it was f2p. At any rate, I will write more on the game later on once I get to experience some of the other things. However I have been spending a good deal of time in the game and my opinion (which is what most reviews are mind you – opinions) is that the game is good (as noted by the score), but not perfect.

    • Shawn Kline

      Also, how are BAMs a feature? all they are is larger “elite” classed mobs that pretty much every MMO in existence has – posting about this to me seemed as silly as posting the names of races and classes. The Nexus is interesting, but I’ve played invasions before in other games, and while the Tera spin is somewhat different, I didn’t think it needed to be mentioned in the full review body. Also with the guild housing, again I had joined a guild designated for press members so I didn’t experience that – it’s part of the problem when publishers try to regulate what press people see and do in their MMOs.

  3. Is there any way you could change the layout of this page? I have trouble reading the end of your sentences, it looks like the area in between your sidebars is too small for the layout of the page. 
    Anyways, how far did you get in 10 hours of gametime? Is the storyline quest that bad? Seems a bit dumb to be having a storyline where you have to get x amounts of y, without lore. So were all the quests like that? It looks like your review was getting there, but is missing some extra information. I hope to read more once you have played more. 

    • gadgetreview

      Can you send us a screenshot of the issue your experiencing?  info at gadgetreview dot com.

    •  After ten hours I made it to about level 23 – it took a good bit longer to get to full 60 as the first twenty or so levels go by pretty fast.  There is lore there if you really want to learn it, but I found it to be completely vapid and uninteresting

  4. Badwriterssuck

    whose, not who’s, and to say the LEAST, not lease. I stopped reading after the first few sentences because I don’t trust the opinion of bad writers.

    • You’re going to hate the Internet then! Although not trusting anything you read on the Internet may not be such a bad thing… Touché, Mr. Internet Complainer Guy!

    • Badreviewerssuck

      Your first sentence isn’t a complete sentence, and the capitalization is wrong. You’re also missing a comma before the word “because.” I’m torn between trusting the opinion of a reviewer with poor grammar or the opinion of a review complainer with poor grammar.

      I think I’ll trust the reviewer. At least he had something productive to offer. ;)

      •  Why the hell would you put a comma before because? You should actually remove the comma after ‘complete sentence’. 

        • That’s actually not true.  When there are two independent clauses joined together with “and,” you should use a comma before the “and.”  Same with “but.”  It’s only where an independent and dependent clause are joined with a conjunction where you do not automatically use a comma.

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