Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Apple iPhone 4S (comparison)

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15 Comments to Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Apple iPhone 4S (comparison)

  1. Dan In The Rockies

    Did they load any apps on the Galaxy before judging the battery? Since Android launches things you install without you doing anything, my bet is that in real-world use, it will have less battery life. Also, there is no iTunes Match, Airplay, and PhotoStream with the Galaxy. Once you have had it, it is very hard to consider giving up.

  2. had a iphone3gs and iphone4s, but now im a galaxy s3 owner.

    Must say im really pleased with the samsung! iphone i think have become a really boring phone with few options compared to the galaxy3 the galaxy feel alot more advanced in every way compared to the iphone you can optimize the galaxy s3 more for yourself than the iphone

    • I purchased a 4S and S3 (since I had 7 days to try). I ended up with 2 S3’s. both are great phones, S3 was better for everything which I needed. Voice commands was not as good as the iphone. S3 is a bit too thin, but with an otter box it was great!

  3. gs3 looks likes a kids toy ? tell me what brokes faster when you accidently drop it and iphone 4s which a phone doesnt look like two years ago the fuck is that it looks like a pebble is that something a kids play with the galaxy s is very different on the looks on galaxy s3 , the iphone 4 and the iphone 4s is that something that doesnt look like . you stupid apple fanboys wait a month and i will remove this with a strong virus bitches

  4. Lol many apple fan boys are here. iphone is absolutely outclassed. Hope it catches up in the 5 form and at least compete a bit.

  5. weird, reading a review of one solid, real-life product, and comparing it to spec sheets of another, including relying on “what we heard”….plain weird, though I think you knew that when it was posted…

  6. Impulsivemuch

    HELP..whether to buy an iPhone 4s, a HTC one or a Samsung sIII ?? as long as its white I’m satisfied but I just want to know which is the best as phones go..??

  7. I have had blackberrys iPhone iPad Samsung note Samsung s2 nothing can touch apple but the Samsung is a fun toy too

    • Dude apple blows, totally dictates who what where when and how you use things.  It has a better touch marginally more sensitive (hows that for being objective) but size, battery, ability to customize, then the amount of ROMs, widgets, flash, removable batteries, sd cards….You need to get out more

    • Techmunch

      These smartphone comparisons are useless. Opionions are remarkably biased due to the fact nobody wants to be wrong about their handset and carrier decision. How can one give a review of the gs3 when it’s not even a day to day handset yet. These two products have completely different ideologies for a reason. Android is the beta king while iPhone is the quality controller of perfection. Either way both are fun. Personally for me it comes down to aesthetics, where IPhone and apple remain superior in flow and day to day functionality. As for screen comparisons should not be judged completely on pixel density or color quality and should be compared on other aspects such as touch accuracy where iPhone has no competitors. I own a galaxy s2.

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