Razer Tiamat Elite 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

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17 Comments to Razer Tiamat Elite 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

  1. Whats with the Elite vs. regular Tiamat 7.1s?
    If you search the “Elite” version they appear to be $250 plus while the regular down around $160. Search for both types on Amazon.
    The part numbers are listed as the same (RZ04-00600100-R3U1).

    • Shawn Sanders

      yes these wiil work with a laptop. But you will get 2.0 chanel stereo sound unless your laptop has all five 3.5mm connections and USB for full 7.1 sound. But no. Not for Xbox.

  2. Aswellascanbe

    From somebody who has this headset, I’m disappointed.

    The headset itself constantly gives a buzzing noise when no audio is present. This is apparently due to the USB sockets on the computer. Razer recommends using a mains usb thing if that is the case. I fortunately have 1, and although it reduces the buzzing significantly, it persists.
    The audio quality is pretty dire compared to what I am used to, although the directional sound is excellent in games. (Mainly tested on BF3)

    And then there’s the mic. Simply put, it’s crap. Your voice will sound muffled with a constant hum in the background. I’ve tried this on 2 different sound cards, 1 Asus and 1 Creative.
    This isn’t a case of a faulty pair as there are several reviews stating very similar problems.
    Tested on both skype and vent.

    Comfort-wise, I won’t bash on it for that as everyone has different size/shaped heads but I do think the gap for the ears in the cushions should have been bigger.

    • Shawn Sanders

      Not experiencing any of that. Sorry to hear. I did have to have a set replaced because the sound could only be heard if the cord coming from the control unit was bent in a specific way. Razer promptly swapped those out.

      The mic is more than adequate. You may need to adjust some setting in your voice chat app of choice.

    • The buzz is rf intereference, a result of either a shoddy motherboard, powersupply, or unclean power coming straight from your utility company. Step 1: Try differet USB ports on your PC. If that doesn’t work, Step 2: Get a powered USB hub (or even a AC/DC USB Adapter, like most modern cell phones use as chargers). If that still doesn’t solve the problem, put a ferrite bead on the USB wire on the headset. Ferrite Beads are those small plastic cylinders that are about 1-inch long that you may have noticed snapped on to many of your power cords or certain data cables (they are almost always mounted on the wire that goes between a powerbrick and a laptop). Ferrite beads help reduce RF intereference, and will most likely solve your specified problem.

    • I so totally agree with you, its like quite alot of reviewers got a nice bag of cash from Razer to accidentally forget about the big flaws this headset has.

      Also the “Average music listening performance” the reviewer talks about is more like crappy music listening performance

  3. anonymiss

    highly unprofessional review

    where are the specks, driver and cone types
    no pic’s in side the box or of the cans taken apart?

    • Come on man, the specs can all be found easily with a simple google search or visit to the Razer website. Most of us already know the specs anyway What we want to know is how this thing performs in the real world. That’s really what this is all about. From that perspective, this is a great review.

    • Shawn Sanders

      I’m sorry you feel that way. But most consumers don’t buy headphones based on tear-down images. Specifications can be found anywhere.

      • Great review Mr. Sanders! I wonder if the control unit would hook up to my 2.1 speaker system without issue. I do have a 7.1 channel sound card and, of course only the green (front) channel is being used by my 2.1 speaker unit.

        • Sir Swellington

          They do indeed! Just got mine today, all you have to do is plug the headset into the sound card, and the front port into the control module that comes with the headset, and voila!

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