Pioneer will release the world’s first in-car GPS system that will also feature augmented reality, combining the two at the front of the car’s windshield. The navigation system will be called “Cyber Navi” and will come in two models: AVIC-VH99HUD (dual 1-DIN), which is a high-end model, and AVIC-ZH99HUD (2-DIN unit). Both use an add-on, laser-projected heads-up display from MicroVision that shows driving direction just above the road itself, so that you’re still totally focused on what’s ahead of you rather than a small LCD screen in your center console.

According to Pioneer, it can be installed in about 70% of existing cars since the HUD is attached in the position of the sun visor on the side of the driver’s seat. Only information that is necessary for driving will be displayed on the HUD, with the system featuring four types of driving modes (which can be done with an accompanied remote control). However, if you do need to look at that LCD, there will be another augmented reality view if your car has a camera up front, more detail about the route and a new speed limit sign alert system. The system will also feature DVD media, iPhone/iPod playback and 1Seg over-the-air TV tuning are also on tap. Pioneer plans to release both models in late July with a starting price tag starting at $3,770 for the 1-DIN model and $4,021 for the 2-DIN one.

Kristie Bertucci

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