When you want to block out the outside world, the Philips O’Neill Over-Ear Headphones will do just fine! As today’s deal on Amazon, you can score on these over-ear headphones in the Black Bordeaux colorway for only $29.99, which is 63% off of the listed price of $79. So you’ll be saving a whopping $50 on some multiuse headphones.

The Philips O’Neill The Stretch over-ear headphones are great for practically everything. You can use them to listen to music (and if you’re a DJ, they work really well), take them on your sporting activities, watch a movie and drone out any outside sounds and more! They deliver the perfect combination of premium sound quality, unmatched durability, and urban style, making it a high-performance headphone you’ll always be using.

It features a super-stretch headband for maximum durability and a flawless fit that’s actually inspired by a wetsuit. It has a tangle-free cable that keeps things simple you so you don’t have to hassle with unwanted cords hanging out all over the place. Its 40-millimeter drivers and super-soft, noise-isolating ear cushions further enhance its premium audio experience.

Kristie Bertucci

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