Last week I reviewed the Lumia 900, and marked it as a great phone. And after I completed the review, the screen broke. The glass cracked from the inside after a tiny, insignificant fall. I couldn’t believe it when it happened. Here’s what happened, exactly.

On Friday after an additional photo shoot I did, taking photos I could use for future articles on the phone, Windows Phone 7, whatever. It’s a common practice for me. The Lumia 900 is also one of the few phones that can actually stand upright, which is great for taking pictures. As I move to take another shot, it falls flat on its face.

Now the Lumia 900 is a big phone, but it’s not all that tall, relatively speaking. It is exactly 5″ tall. Ask any ruler. It also has a slight glass/plastic area around the glass in the event that the phone is dropped, so it doesn’t land directly on the glass. When it fell over, I didn’t even think it was possible for the screen to break, both because of this and because it’s a Nokia.

Apparently, all of the recent Reddit threads about Nokia’s being indestructible don’t hold true for the Lumia 900…or it may just be this specific device.

For anyone asking, it was never dropped, and yes, the phone works perfectly well. After a few days, the glass actually cracked worse, and is now cracked on both the inside and outside. Below is the first photo I took, immediately after it happened (with my cell), and two more photos taken yesterday to show the extent of the damage.

From my research no one else has had such a problem, so it may just be this one phone. It wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve reached out to AT&T and Nokia, the former of which who got me the phone to review. I’ve heard no response as of yet, and will update this post if/when they get back to me.

Update: Just received word from Nokia on the matter. Obviously they can’t tell what’s wrong without the phone (working on getting it back to them now), but that the 900 is put through significant stress tests to ensure things like this don’t happen. This particular model may have had an “anomaly” that caused the glass to crack. More updates as I learn more.

The first photo I took of the Lumia 900 after the screen cracked

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James Pikover

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