In 2008 special swimsuits worn by Olympic athletes resulted in 200 world records.  The consequences?  The suits were banned in the 2010 games and probably rightfully so since they provided athletes with more buoyancy, reduced fatigue and ultimately speed.  So why these special track suits by Nike would be any different is beyond us, but nonetheless that hasn’t stopped the world’s largest manufacturer of sports equipment from trying.

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The suits, called the Pro TurboSpeed, have been incorporated with a tech called  AeroSwift , something similar to the dimples found on a golf ball.  Nike tested these suits in a wind tunnel for over 1,000 hours and has reported that they can cut times by as much as .023 seconds in a 100-meter dash.  While that may not sound like much to the average person or the recreational jogger, this could mean the difference between a bronze metal and tears.

Nevertheless, it’s not as simple as slapping dimples onto a suit. They’ve been strategically placed on key areas of the Pro Turbospeeds suit to help reduce aerodynamic drag as much as possible.  Furthermore, Nike has gone to great lengths to ensure that the suits are as comfortable as possible by placing elastics and edge finishes on the outside of the garment and incorporating an innovative flat, smooth waistband.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the Pro Turbospeeds will ever become commercially available.

Christen Costa

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