Netflix has recently updated their web video player and have not only refreshed its look, but also added some new features. The size of the controls now scales so it’s easier to use it on large screens for when you connect your computer to your TV. But it will also scale down to smaller windows, which is useful for when you want to watch something while still working in another window. Additionally, the video now stretches to the full window in the browser. Now full screen mode has all the features of the browser mode so that you can easily view season/episode information and change to the next episode when watching a TV show

Another addition is that pausing video now shows more information about the title. The new player has had its controls consolidated into one line and Netflix is using icons instead of words. But their biggest change is the Back to Browse’ option, which used to sit at the bottom right of the old control bar and has now been moved up to the top of the screen. It’s now an arrow icon and text will come up when you hover it with your mouse.

Kristie Bertucci

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