It’s no secret that you can move some serious product if it plays complement to an Apple product.  And Logitech is clearly aware of this, as is the rest of the world.  Today, the company unveiled their Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for the Mac, iPad and iPhone.

In short order the K760 is effectively the same keyboard as the previous iteration, the K750, yet this version boasts Bluetooth allowing you to connect it to any compatible device, though as already mentioned Logitech would have you believe it only works with iOS devices.  That said, it can be paired with up to 3 devices simultaneously and to switch to each respective device you’ll simply just need to hit a button.

To further the Mac experience Logitech has outfitted the K760 with the always familiar Mac keyboard layout, which includes brightness control keys, an eject button, and a few other Apple worthy controls.  They’ve also built the keyboard’s keys to be more analgous to the experience you’d find on a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.  Now, in terms of battery life, you should get about 3 months on a single charge via the sun’s rays, though since their is a solar panel embedded in this input device it will probably be forever since it can also power up via lamps and other low powered light sources.

The K760 wireless keyboard from Logitech will ship sometime early June for $79.99.

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."