For a while there we we’re under the impression that Tesla’s and those alike were some of the fastest EVs out there.  Boy, we couldn’t have been more wrong.  However, keep in mind, we didn’t say “on the market,” which would suggest that we’re only speaking of commercially available products.  Which is far from the case when it comes to the Lawless EV Rocket Bike.

Record setting isn’t unfamiliar to this crew.  This time around they fired their EV drag racing bike down the track at Virginia Motorsports Park’s quarter-mile strip in under 7 seconds; 6.94 to be more precise.  There are sports cars that can’t achieve 0-60 in that same amount of time.  But what’s more impressive is the top speed of 201mph.  It’s a dizzying amount of velocity to even fathom, let alone experience, which as you’ll see in the above video the bike does everything it can to toss its rider (Larry “Spiderman” McBride) around, if not off.

For EV nerds out there, the Lawless EV bike has a  13-inch Dennis Berube-prepared DC motor and uses one custom Zilla box capable of dishing out 4,000 amps from one 14.2-kWh battery.

We believe that engine noise in the beginning of the video to be coming from another bike.

Christen Costa

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