The Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 game immersed you into the Star Wars universe and helped unleash your inner Jedi without the need of a controller, but its new social networking app further connects you with fellow virtual Jedi masters (or Rancor Monsters) across the web.

But don’t think the app transforms your mobile phone into a lightsaber or tracks your progress in the game. Instead it pulls feeds from your Facebook and Twitter accounts and gives your social networking a Star Wars makeover. For both your Facebook and Twitter pages, there are button controls to post messages, view your profile, search and view the Kinect Star site. The profile page of the app breaks down your tweets, mentions, messages, favorites and your followers/following lists. You can even view your feeds in the style of the iconic Star Wars opening title sequence. The app also provides a Kinect feed full of posts from your favorite Star Wars characters. The app is available for in the iTunes App Store, Android Market and for Windows phones for free.

The Kinect Star Wars game features stunning visuals that transport you into the Star Wars Universe, complete with iconic characters, vehicles, ships, droids and more. The game features experiences from all six movies and allows you to a wide variety of physical play without the need for any remote controls. There’s also a co-op, competitive and dual modes so that you can easily share the Force with friends. And for those who need to have everything Star Wars related can opt to purchase the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle that includes the game and specially designed console.

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Kristie Bertucci

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