HTC One X vs. Apple iPhone 4S (comparison)

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

34 Comments to HTC One X vs. Apple iPhone 4S (comparison)

  1. iphonesfail

    LOL the cpu in the HTC One X blows the iphone4s out of the water, um quad core vs dual core + more ram?, Plus the one x is powered by nvidia so the games have better graphics than ps2 and some xb360 games. Who ever wrote this review is a fucktard and should die :) Thank you.

  2. Totally wrong article. If I would write it One X would win. You can even redo it yourself, because my One X is European version and has 32GB (+25GB dropbox), so it is wrong you say Apple wins on that and you have said nothing about personalization. Why do you take the worst version of One X for comparison? In my opinion 4S might win only on battery life because of its smaller screen, period.

  3. Android HTC User

    Simple as this HTC is what you want to make your phone highly customizable… IPhone not to much to customize screen is too fragile apple is coming out with products that can no longer be fixed. If you broke it you have to buy a new one, not the case with android.

  4. youthfrenzy

    I would tie both the phones when it comes to camera. You should write about the number of customization options One X offers and not just visual quality of images.

  5. TheHammer

    all benchmark testing shows that the dual core (U.S.) one x beats almost all phones in graphics processing including the iphone 4s. To say that an inferior chip beats in graphics processing is just purely drunken bar talk.

  6. Then again, I’m yet to see an American run tech site that didn’t just blindly worship Apple.

  7. I just bought the HTX One X and tested it for a day. I went back and got the iphone. I’m not a tech-geek, or a big time video watcher. I’m 50 so that puts me way into the old school class. The sound quality on the HTC was poor, its camera which was touted as being great took poor images with its flash. I could barely hear it when it rang in my pocket and I couldn’t set it to vibrate and ring at the same time. O.K…
    maybe I played too much loud music and I’m hearing impaired..cause I’m a dinosuar..nevertheless. I found out it didn’t come with voice command dialing but AT & T said I could download it..hummm…for a phone that costs that much..
    The iphone has talk activated text. I like that. It has none of the complaints I just made about the HTC One X. I wish it had a real GPS.

    • James Love

      are you kidding me??? The one x has a little thing called “Beats Audio”, turn up your damn hearing aid

  8. Jed Stephens

    This review is a joke, every other versus I have seen picks the One X over the Iphone…and Ios over Android? Come on now

  9. You can actually get the HTC One X at Amazon for only $119.99 right now and in most states you don’t have to pay tax. So combined it will be over $100 of savings over the iPhone 4S. A bit more significant than mentioned here, so i thought I’d add that little tidbit…

  10. ONE-X user

    One X Video at 1080p. I paused it, then took a snap. ( so its not full photo resolution, just a 1080 photo)

  11. ONE-X user

    From the looks of it, someone bought a Iphone and then One X came out. 

    Android and One X for the win!

    PS: Other articles state otherwise from this silly ifool.

  12. Holloway Christopher57

    ” the one x beats it, but only by a hair.”……and he still gives it to the iphone…this is a biased piece of shit article.

  13. Numerical

    You sir are an Apple fanboy and it’s obvious because you compared a phone from the last generation with one from this one and said the old one won. The iPhone only wins in the Carrier Availability and the Battery Life categories. Android with HTC Sense (hell, even a Nokia 1100 with HTC Sense) crushes iOS. The quad-core on a One X is far more powerful than the iPhone’s one year old dual-core (which is easily beaten by a HTC Sensation’s). Oh, and reviewers everywhere praised the One X’s camera, which has the best software on any mobile phone on the market. Also, the comparison you did there was between the American, weaker One XL and the iPhone.

    • James Pikover

      Power isn’t everything. FYI, the US model is more powerful; the Qualcomm CPU is more powerful than NVidia’s Tegra 3. This is because of an improved cache system, faster bus, and smaller 32nm design. Saying quad-core is better than dual-core is like saying an 8-lane freeway is better than a 4-lane freeway, when you don’t take into consideration the speed limit, road conditions, traffic patterns, etc. 

      Carrier availability matters. If you’re getting a good contract on a specific carrier, or know other carriers don’t work well in your area, that matters. With the iPhone, it doesn’t. It’s available for all major carriers (except T-Mobile, but you could still get it unlocked). Not so with the One X, nor with the One Series in general. You may say that’s a BS statement, but this isn’t a comparison of whether the phone is more powerful. It’s a comparison of whether the phone is better. Better means in every way, for all users, not just for you or me.

      The One X has a decent camera with incredible camera software, but it doesn’t have a better camera than the iPhone. It doesn’t have a better camera than the Lumia 900, or a handful of other phones, including older models that HTC has put out, including some Android dumbphones. Software doesn’t make the camera better, the sensor and lens does. All software can do is supplement hardware, but if the hardware isn’t up to snuff, the software can’t fix that.

      Finally, you say that Android “crushes” iOS. That’s your opinion, so fair enough. I disagree. iOS is simpler, easier to use for both new smartphone owners and veterans. The apps are consistently better on iOS. Gaming is undeniably better on iOS. With the exception of Google services (of which there are plenty, and many of those are extremely important and useful for users like Google Maps, Gmail, etc.), everything on both platforms runs better on iOS. Look at any app, whether it’s Pandora or Draw Something, it always runs better on iOS.

      Now Android is growing faster than iOS is. Apple’s mobile OS hasn’t stagnated per se, but it was great to start off and is still great, but it hasn’t improved at the pace that Android has. Not by a longshot. I’ve seen both from their inception, and while I’ve always been impressed with iOS, the growth that Android has had over the past 3-4 years is staggering. I expect to see Android overtake iOS in design within the next two years, if Google can get ahold of some great designers. The problem is they haven’t necessarily done so, and the company is suffering for it.

      • ONE-X user

        I am pointing out little things as I read, I play Tegra3 Games.Nvidia PhysX, added motion blur and all the other jazz. Has iphone4 got these? 

      • ONE-X user

        I just seen a mention about a “Dumb Phone” taking better pics than the HOX. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I posted a pic for you buddy.

        • Years behind? Think if you look into android a bit more then you will find the android is far more advanced than IOS as IOS is for simpler people
          André On APPLE FANBOY

  14. Justine Val Jade Lacaba

    WTF is that thing talking about One X having just 16GB??? One X has 32 GB internal memory…that’s unfair, and in myopinion, Android is better than iOS because Android allows you to fully personalize your phone (especially the widgets), and the battery life is a no fair game, of course One X battery life will drain faster due to its QUAD-CORE processor (not just some crappy dual-core), since this says that the battery life is a close fight, then One X has definitely better battery performance.

    • James Pikover

      It sounds like you’re talking about the European model. However, that Tegra 3 quad-core CPU is less powerful than the Qualcomm dual-core CPU in the US version. Frankly, the iPhone’s CPU has been beating every phone hands down, mostly thanks to better software optimization (clearly easier to handle software when you make the hardware). The Krait in the One X is the first to really challenge the iPhone in that respect.

      That throws your battery life comment out of the water (# of cores makes little impact on battery consumption as well; the higher clock speed will drain the battery much more than having 4 clocks run instead of two).

      Furthermore, the One X only comes with 16GB, period. You can’t have it in 32GB. The only way anyone could is with the HTC Evo 4G LTE, the Sprint model, which has expandable memory. The One X is limited to 16GB and has no MicroSD card slot.

      • HTC-ONE X User

        Despite the argument. You get 25GB of drobbox storage, 25.24GB of Phone Storage amd 2GB of internal storage. Period. I have 22.78GB free. With a screenshot to show.

        • James Pikover

          True, very true. The problem is if you decide to have, say, 10GB of video for a trip (which isn’t a lot, mind you), and 10GB of music, then what? You’re SOL. Or if you take a trip to somewhere where internet isn’t always available? As great as the 25GB of free dropbox storage is (and I must say it is fantastic), it doesn’t add additional storage to the phone itself. That’s the problem.

          • ONE-X USER

            For me I have plenty of storage. I doubt i will ever need to use the drobbox. I personally  stream  my music from the pc, and movies. On trips or not. I have over 300GB of media, all of which does not need to be on the actual phone to be viewed.  Superphones are smarter than you think. 

            If i go for a run, do you think I want a big ass One X on me? So i can listen to my 10GB of music?

            Tune in Radio has actually taken over my music side of the phone. (Pre Installed App)

            The “i” range could have 1TB of storage, I still would’t buy one.
            There is also such things as external batteries, hard-drives, cameras card readers etc.  For anyone with even a 64GB phone they can’t have everything they wanted. ( movies videos games pics) It’s the users preference, and i prefer what i chose. LOL – A Beast. As I said. Its  personal preference, and in 120% its gonna swing their way.Why did I not get a i-phone pod pad? Because I got a One X. 

          • Whats more important is that the european one x indeed has 32 gb internal memory. So your wrong James. With your stupid english “period”.
            By that, the tegra 3 got a fifth companion core which doesnt eat battery. So it will depend on what kind of user you are. Only checking your whatsapp/ whatever once in an hour? Then this tegra 3 is for you. Gaming on your phone? Then this tegra 3 is for you.
            Do you only buy the phone so that you are cool and for calling/texting? Then buy an iphone!

    • ONE-X User

      Im with you, whats IOS got to load? a wallpaper? and a few app shortcuts? Android is beast compared to IOS. Maybe if IOS had the Android features it would run slower. Plus, I have tried sending photo’s via wifi , bluetooth , USB, None seem to work without Itunes.

      I had to download it and have Icrap on my PC.PS One x has gorrilla glass 2. Youtube it. AMAZING.My mate doped his IPhone and the back screen shattered. HAHAHA, sold it few days later for 70 bucks.Support Android. The better choice. 

  15. Which HTC One X was used to compare the processors? The dual-core (USA) one or the quad-core (Europe, possibly other places) one?

    • James Pikover

      Dual-core USA model. The Quad-core model uses a Tegra 3 GPU, which hasn’t scored as well from my understanding.

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