HTC One S Review

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

11 Comments to HTC One S Review

  1. Okay, I have read all the problems… My question is what phone brand is out there that you can find that never crashed??? I have used so many smart phones over the years and every one had this issues. Even the famous iPhone and BlackBerry. And these two phone takes forever to boot up. And as for the memory and screen resolution goes, you can always have clouds or your computer. Because how much pictures or music people need nowadays to have in a phone. Seriously 720p!!! Why? Do we really need to watch a HD movies in a 4:3 screen for hours? I think it’s just plain useless to have HD in that small screen. Anyway it all depends on the person, for as far as I think it’s plenty.

  2. Powerman3022

    I agree about the media flaw. I work all the time and use Pandora Radio to help pass the time , and I cant tell you how aggravating it is to be half way through a song and have the phone freeze until I unlock it. hopefully they come out with a patch soon. I also agree about them adding a little bit more than 12 gigs of memory to play around with. since alot of people dont have access to wifi and use internal memory instead. Otherwise is a pretty good phone in my book

  3. Disadvantages:
    16 GB – 12 GB available – What were they thinking?  Really? they couldn’t put a 32 GB chip in it?  A removable uSD slot would be even better, but I could live with a 32GB phone.

    No removable battery – When I’m traveling, I often just don’t have access to charging.

    Can’t see display in sunlight – How does the display compare to the Nexus One?  That phone is good enough for me.  If It’s comparable, I’m ok with it.

    My Nexus One is really long in the tooth and I really need a replacement for it.  Not enough memory for all the apps I would like to use is the biggest problem.  Sure would like to get something faster, too.  But I just haven’t found a phone yet that has made me want to spend $500 – $600 to replace it.  I was hoping this was it.

    • If the Nexus One is fine for you, then the One S will be as well, at least for the screen. If you’re looking for any GSM model with upgradeable memory, I’d suggest waiting for the Galaxy S III later this month. If it’s any phone, Sprint’s got their version of the One X, the Evo 4G LTE, coming out early next week with a MicroSD card slot.

  4. you must have a bummed phone. I have experienced restarts… but only about 3 of them since April 25 when I bought the phone. Also, GLBenchmark scores…  Egypt offscreen i got 51fps, Pro offscreen 87fps. The highest Quadrant score I got was 5077. The longest up time with a single charge, and moderate use (2hours and 37 minutes of display time) 16hours and 34 minutes… at 25% remaining. I’m averaging 6% discharge per hour with batter analyzer app. 

    • James Pikover

      Sounds like our scores are pretty similar. There is going to be some variation among devices, but the restarts are a big problem. Imagine if you’re expecting an important call and don’t get it only because the phone turned off. It’s a phone first, everything else second, and if the phone part has a flaw, that’s pretty dang important.

  5. Have had the phone for a week, and had no problems with phone or apps quitting or crashing. Battery life much better than my Amaze, and the Bluetooth works perfectly, unlike the Amaze. Most importantly (and unmentioned in the review) the phone works better – call quality much better than the Amaze, and signal strength excellent everywhere. Now if it only sounded as good as my Nexus 1… Display not as good as the Amaze or the  iPhone, but is perfectly good. The form factor, build quality, and ease of use greatly overshadow the slightly inferior display. I guess the camera is different from the excellent Amaze camera. Still surprisingly good for a cell phone, but not as outstanding as the Amaze, which produced images comparable to a high end still camera. Overall, a real pleasure to own – I paid full fare as I had just upgraded to the brick-like Amaze five months earlier, a big mistake.

  6. What’s the point of having a 720p display on a 4.3″ phone? That is just stupid. 341 PPI would be unnecessarily overboard, Especially for such a smaller screen, and battery life would sacrifice for it. The screen resolution is not a con. The display technology is. LCD2 IPS like in the One X would have been great.

    • I disagree. PPI isn’t important (well, depends for what purpose), but there is no reason a 4.3″ display shouldn’t have a 720p display. Most HD media today is output at 720p, and if you want the perfect clarity for video, you want a properly sized display. Now qHD may be fine because it’s 3/4ths the size, and therefore a proper multiple and the proper aspect ratio, but video is still going to be a little pixelated and blurry. And frankly, even for a small screen, it’s noticeable. 

      Screen tech isn’t that big a deal (again, depends on the purpose). AMOLED is fine, and in many cases better than IPS or LCD. 

      • Of course, Any monstrous display would be welcome on any device, but when you have a device around 7mm thin on a 4.3 inch screen, the battery can only be so big to support it. My argument was only for the sake of battery life, because I’m one of those people who is a heavy user. That’s why the new iPad battery life sucks even though they made the battery like 60 percent bigger. I personally find the sweet spot to be around 280-300 ppi. Anything more the human eye can’t distinguish is just a waste of battery life. Then again, I am almost legally blind, lol. Anyway, thanks for your review, which has turned me away from this phone due to the bugs you mentioned. Was really digging the Krait processor until I read that..

        • You’re right, battery life would suffer, and with the bugs that’d be a huge problem.

          If you’re not stuck on T-Mobile, I’d recommend the HTC One X or Evo 4G LTE, both with essentially the same parts but better displays, bigger batteries, and on different carriers (AT&T and Sprint, respectively). Haven’t tested the latter yet, but the former is the best Android phone out.

          Then again, the Samsung Galaxy S III releases in 3 weeks…so that may be short lived.

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