What’s better than sleeping on space aged material, as in Tempurpedic? Sleeping on a bed that literally floats mid air.

That’s exactly what Reddit user Mememetatata did. Annoying user name aside, this guy is without a shred of doubt brilliant as well as generous since he shared the build picture-by-picture. First things first: the floating bed frame accommodates a twin mattress, though we’re sure you could make a larger version if you so preferred. Second: you’ll need to be very careful as the build involved using super strong rare earth magnets that can snap a finger off. Yes, they’re that powerful and as you’ll see in the pics, two of the magnets came adhered together, requiring Mememetatata to slowly pry them apart using a variety of common household items.

As you’ve probably deduced, the levitating bed is made up of two parts. The bottom, or the foundation, contains one set of magnets, while the floating portion, which is held in place with a set of wires, contains the opposing set. Simply said, the result is a floating board that is strong enough to support a human, though we’re not sure what the weight limitations are.

To checkout all the pics hit the source link, though be warned that there are multiple pics of the same part of the build since the genius behind the magnet build couldn’t figure out how to delete them from Imgur. Oh irony.

Source | Via: Reddit

Christen Costa

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