Keeping the iPad out of harms way in the kitchen isn’t just as simple as adorning a case or placing it on the opposing counter. Chances are you’ll spill, drip or straight knock it off leading to the tablet’s demise. Additionally, if you’re one to utilize the iPad for recipes you won’t want to smear your chicken laden hands all over the iPad screen, since odds are that will result in not just a broken tablet but a case of e-coli that will leave you bed ridden, if not toilet ridden for a few day’s time.

Belkin, has slowly added a wide array of home oriented products. Logical, since they produce a wide array of network devices that are applicable for anyone’s abode. And while we’re still waiting on their wireless products that can control everything from your garage door to a light switch, we’ll have to settle on looking at two kitchen products designed specifically for the iPad.

The Chef Stand + Stylus is the perfect complement to those that use their iPad to source recipes and cook while they touch. Included is a stylus that is completely washable and is oversized so fiddling is all but negated. It’s tip is designed to work specifically with the tablet’s screen and fits back into an oversize rubber grommet when not in use. There is also a stand which can hold the iPad in either orientation and is compatible with all versions of the iPad as well as other tablets provided they’re not any fatter than the slot. While the stylus and rubber grommet can stand alone, it also fits neatly into the back of the stand allowing you to neatly tuck the stylus away when not in use. When needed it just pops out of the back of the stand and can, well stand alone. That said, the iPad is never locked into place, which means it could be easily knocked over and although it’s not touching the counter it’s less than an inch above, meaning it could still be on there receiving end of a spill. Finally, if you so wanted to do, you can lay the iPad flat onto the circular, rubber part of the Chef Stand and mitigate some of your risk.  Nevertheless, the Chef Stand from Belkin serves a fair bit of utility and requires no installation making it a great complement to any chef or occasional cook’s arsenal..

For those of you looking to turn your iPad into a media device in the kitchen, or really any where there are eye level cabinets, there is the Kitchen Cabinet Mount. Unlike other mounts this one requires no screws and tightens into place thanks to an adjustable arm. Needless to say, installation takes a matter of minutes, though you’ll want to ensure that things are secure before you add your iPad. This product is also compatible with other tablets and the full range of iPads thanks to an adjustable slot that slides up and down with the push of the button. And while the fit isn’t as secure as screwing a mount into a cabinet, it suffices, unless you’re very aggressive with your screen taps, which could dislodge the iPad from it’s hold. I tested this with the first iPad, so it stands to reason that the iPad 2 or 3 could be a more snug fit. It’s also worth noting, that you’ll lose access to some of the counter space underneath the mount since it leaves about 10-inches of clearance between it and the countertop.  That all being said, the Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount is single handily the best alternative for those that want an iPad integrated into their kitchen cabinets, but don’t want to deal with what usually is an extensive install.

Bottom line: Belkin kitchen products offer exceptional utility with a low barrier for entry from both a cost and installation stand point.

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