Daily Archives: May 24, 2012

Solar Impulse Plane's First Transcontinental Flight to Morocco

Solar Impulse Plane’s First Transcontinental Flight to Morocco


The sun-powered Solar Impulse plane is being piloted by Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, as they tacit is on its first transcontinental journey, setting out for Morocco and stopping in Madrid, Spain on it’s way to North Africa. The team has been invited to Morocco by the country’s King Mohammed...

Infinity Blade Vault of Tears

Infinity Blade II “Vault of Tears” DLC Now Available


Graphically speaking, Infinity Blade was the game that set the benchmark when it comes the iPad’s graphical prowess.  And for those of you that invested in Infinity Blade II, you can now download the first of what should be many DLCs for the game, which mind you are completely free....

Void Watch Full

VOID VO2 Watch Tells the Time with Half the Face (pics)


Watches are bit of a tough sell in the gadget space. And by that we mean that only so many are truly applicable, such at the Mute Watch of the recently announced iPhone compatible Meta Watch. Void VO2 watch, at least in our opinion (which is all that matters) makes...

Radio Silenz Headphones

Tivoli Radio Silenz Noise Canceling Headphones are a First to use Wood


In the last 6 months we’ve seen a myriad of noise canceling headphones hit the market. Without review, it’s difficult to decide between one or the other. Unless of course you’re seeking a specific brand that is largely known for their desktop radios and use of natural finishes in the...

Floating Magnet Bed 2

Home Made Floating Magnet Bed is an Insane Display of Ingenuity


What’s better than sleeping on space aged material, as in Tempurpedic? Sleeping on a bed that literally floats mid air. That’s exactly what Reddit user Mememetatata did. Annoying user name aside, this guy is without a shred of doubt brilliant as well as generous since he shared the build picture-by-picture....

BT Media Remote

Satechi BT Media Remote Controls any iOS Device from Afar, Siri Included (video)


We regret to say that yesterday we over looked Satechi’s Bluetooth remote control.  After all, it’s just your standard remote control.  Wrongzo…sort of. [GR]sne9B0j4Z64[/GR] Okay, so you’ve got us.  Yes, it’s a remote and that is its core functionality.  But looking a bit closer you’ll notice that it’s not just...


Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE In-Depth Review


After reviewing the One X, which I said was the best One series phone, how does Sprint’s model fare? It didn’t beat the One X in the comparison, and it isn’t quite the same device overall though it shares almost all of the same components and internals as it’s AT&T...