Apple’s iPhone 4s has a badass camera on it.  Don’t believe us?  Then clearly you haven’t read the reviews raving about the quality, clarity and speed of the camera.  From a specification standpoint the iPhone 4s’ camera has an 8-megapixel sensor and a f-stop of 2.4, which means not just more light, but a greater depth of field that is hopefully equitable to that of a standalone point and shoot.  Furthermore, it can capture full HD video and until now, at 30fps.

SloPro is a free app that allows you to capture video at 60fps.  What does that mean?  One word: slowmo.  Since the video is being captured with additional frames, you can slow down playback and achieve what is commonly referred to as slow motion.  No, you won’t get the same clarity as say a Phantom camera, but there is something to be said about a smartphone that can capture halfway decent slowmotion video.  After the video is recorded you can toggle the speed of the playback (there are 3 speed settings), trim the clip length, upload it to Facebook or Youtube, and best of all there is no waiting for anything to render.

Now, keep in mind while this app is free, you’ll have to spend $1.99 if you want to remove their annoying watermark and if you want to email videos.  Also, 60fps slowmo isn’t all that compelling, though easily discernible to any onlooker.

Source | Via: Gizmodo

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