Convincing your kids that you’re not Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny is as simple as not getting caught stashing the presents or the eggs. However, convincing them you’re a superhero is probably one rooted in futility, that is until now.

The Personalized Super Hero Action Figures might be the best $127 you ever dropped on your spent youth. Look at it as in investment in your kids obedience in the long term. All you need to do is capture two photos of your head (front and profile) email them and then in a matter of weeks, thanks to 3D printing and capitalism you’re very own action figure complete with what is hopefully a detailed 3D model of your head shows up at your door.

And don’t worry, you’ve got your choice of a variety of superheros or villains (Batgirl, Batman, The Joker, Superman and Wonder woman). So man or female, there is an option for you. Included in the box is a display plinth, super glue, epoxy putty and the original head.

Source | Via: OhGizmo

Christen Costa

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