Mohu Bounce WiFi Enhancer Review

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6 Comments to Mohu Bounce WiFi Enhancer Review

  1. I ordered a bounce it never arrived nor was I given a tracking number. Contacted Mohu and was informed I would have to deal with UPS. I have asked for a refund no response.

  2. Outlawpete72

    I just received the Bounce and had NO increase in signal strength.  I’m measuring using the inSSIDer program and by looking at the bars on my computer, iPhone and iPad.  The dead areas in my house are still dead and the mid areas show no improvement.

    It’s possible that I have a defective device, although since no one seems to know what’s in it, I’m not sure what could go wrong.

    • Alec Senese

      Outlaw Pete, there is no way that the Bounce had no effect. You may have gotten a defective unit, call Mohu at (919) 896-7696 and they will be able to help you ASAP-

    • Brian Baucom

      Outlawpete. It’s Brian from Mohu. It is pretty much impossible that you wouldn’t experience an increase in wifi signal strength with the Bounce. You may have something wrong with your unit. Please call us at 919-896-7696 and reference your order number and we will fix the issue. We are VERY interested in feedback on the Bounce right now. Best, Mohu

    • My results were the same, no increase in signal strength. Used inSSIDer on a laptop and a wifi analyzer app on my Android phone — neither one measured any change in wireless coverage.

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